My Story

My life defining moment was a robbery that took place in my house in Nairobi, on a Sunday afternoon,(different year),when I was home alone.

I was a driven Investment Banker and as far removed from spirituality as you can get.

When four people broke into my house on that Sunday afternoon and started choking me, the first thought that crossed my mind was,' Goodbye World.' in that moment I had no doubt that I was going to die and I spontaneously started forgiving everyone I had any issue with?

Had anyone asked me what I was doing at that point, I would not have been able to give an answer as I had no clue why I was doing this.

The burglars were in the house for two hours but it felt like eternity.

One of them was particularly hyper and kept kicking and beating me and threatening to kill me. At this point I did something that I still can't explain, I told him to go ahead and kill mein an extremely calm tone. This startled the Man to the point he actually backed off and pretty much let me alone, tied up on the kitchen floor after that.

This incident took place in my Parent's home in Nairobi while they were in India, as my Father had been pulled out of retirement by Coke to set up operations for Coke in India.

Needless to say that the aftermath of this was My Mother flying back to Nairobi, packing up our house, and taking me with her to India, something I did very reluctantly.

This was the beginning of my spiritual journey.

My Mother was following a Spiritual teacher in Mumbai and out of a lack of something to do I accompanied her to the meetings being held at the home of the daughter of the Spiritual teacher.

every week we would watch videos this teacher was sending her daughter. The videos were about energy and how it works and this captivated me. So when this Master returned back to India from her trip in the US, I accompanied my Mother to Delhi to meet her.

I did not have the purest intentions behind meeting this Lady, I just thought I would talk to her and get some blessings from her before I took off to join my job in Berlin. Of course the meeting did not go the way I had planned it as the first thing that came out of her mouth was, `You  are not meant for all this, You have another purpose in Life. Highly offended I burst in to tears and later in the Hotel room told my Mother that I thought the Lady was nuts! After all I was an Investment Banker and had worked as a trader in London so what did She know any way! This routine continued for the next three days with me repeatedly being told the same thing and then bursting into tears on hearing the same answer. On the fourth day the Master asked me ,`How committed are you?' not quite sure

why I was saying this but my reply was,`100%!'

Over the next few years I was taught about how energy works, spirituality and healing. As time passed I started becoming more and more aware of energies . I also discovered that I could pick up pain and disease in other peoples' bodies without them telling me, and I could also scan people pretty much like an x-ray machine.

I now know that healing people is my passion and not just physical healing but on all levels. I find that by creating a shift in people on a mental and emotional level, I can help them get rid of the root cause of the disease in the first place.

I feel it is my mission to help people to bring out the Highest expression of themselves and I look forward to doing this with great passion.